Get In And Out Of Braces With Wilckodontics

Wilckodontics is an effective dental procedure that reduces the time required to move teeth. This procedure is up to four times faster than conventional orthodontics. While the regular procedure takes 18 to 48 months, the new procedure takes only about 3-8 months to move teeth and correct their alignment. This makes Wilckodontics a popular procedure with adults and adolescents who are reluctant to wear braces because of the time required for the treatment.

Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (AOO) or Wilckodontics employs some established periodontal techniques to soften and graft the bone around the teeth. When the bone is soft, the orthodontist can quickly move the teeth into proper alignment. In a couple of months, the grafting material will convert into strong bone that can support the straightened teeth. Also, the softened bone reduces the time required for the treatment. Better still, patients who receive this treatment experience much less discomfort or pain associated with moving the teeth.

How Wilckodontics Works:

While a usual corticotomy procedure just cuts into the bone, AOO does more than that. Besides cutting into the bone, it decorticates it. That means some of the external surface of the bone is removed. As a result, the bone goes through osteopenia, which is a phase when it has reduced mineral content. The new bone will begin to mineralize in around 3 to 8 weeks as the tissues of the Alveolar bone release large quantities of calcium. While the Alveolar bone is in this state, braces can quickly move the teeth because the bone is soft and there is much less resistance.

Benefits of Wilckodontics:

  • The results produced by Wilckodontics are as long lasting and as stable as conventional orthodontic braces.
  • Wilckodontics reduces the time needed for orthodontic treatment.
  • Better support for the teeth because of increased Alveolar bone.
  • The chances of relapse are slim.
  • You can select from ceramic, Incognito-Hidden, or metal braces.
  • Since the teeth will be moving through a soft bone, there is less discomfort as compared to traditional orthodontist practices.
  • Eliminates the need for extraction of teeth

At Braces America, we work one-on-one with our clients and provide superior orthodontic care. Our orthodontists have excellent knowledge of Wilckodontics procedures. Call us today to know if this revolutionary treatment is suitable for you.