How SureSmile Can Help You Get the Smile You Have Always Wanted

There are many people who want to get braces, but the treatment time of two years just seems too long. People are also worried about the impact that metal braces will have on their appearance as braces are sometimes considered unattractive. However, that shouldn’t be a cause of worry because now there are better technologies that can straighten teeth faster.

Orthodontists have been correcting smiles for more than a hundred years. While traditional braces are effective, they usually involve manual adjustments. The patient will have to visit the doctor’s office several times. This process is called the ‘tightening’ of the braces. It lengthens the time required for the treatment. However, with improved technology and advanced treatment options, things have changed a lot. SureSmile, for example, has reinvented orthodontic treatment.

This technology allows the orthodontist to visually determine the desired position of the teeth even before the treatment begins. As a result, they can calculate all the customization required to get the right alignment.
SureSmile robots can accurately translate these customizations to the archwires designed for each patient. This reduces the treatment time by up to 30 percent and also improves treatment results.

How SureSmile works

While traditional braces are made by bending the archwire by hand, the SureSmile technology uses highly advanced 3-D imaging and virtual simulations. Archwires are robotically bent and customized to suit each patient. When the orthodontist inserts the SureSmile wire into the brackets, each tooth will move directly to the desired position. When you use SureSmile, your teeth do not move faster. They move with more precision.

Using advanced computer imaging technology, SureSmile scans your teeth and develops a 3D computer model of your bite. This is how the treatment begins. The 3D images can be captured using OraScanner or CBCT. This 3D model allows the doctor to see how your teeth fit together from different angles. The SureSmile software provides virtual simulation tools so that the doctor can see the final position of the teeth.
Once the orthodontist has determined the treatment plan, the SureSmile robot will bend the archwire according to your doctor’s prescription.

Braces America is a leading practitioner of the SureSmile technology. Call us today to discover if this treatment is suitable for you. Our orthodontists work one-on-one with our patients to ensure that they get the smile they want.