Fast Braces

Fix Your Teeth Fast and Effective with Fastbraces

The extremely popular Fastbraces Technology is being adopted by more and more people in the USA. It facilitates a faster movement of the roots of teeth towards their final position from the very beginning of the treatment. As a result, patients can get the desired output in less than a year. This technology has been in use for about 20 years and is now available in several countries. Fastbraces Technology is easy, fast, and safe. Also, the cost of the treatment is quite affordable. With its cutting edge techniques, heat activated wire, and braces with triangular design; this new technology has revolutionized the science of orthodontics.

Conventional braces take about two years to align teeth into their proper position. This process has two stages. During the first year of the treatment, the crown of teeth moves into proper alignment. During the second year, the position of roots of the teeth is adjusted. Fastbraces is different and uses an altogether different mechanical principle. It uses a specially designed wire and special bracket to correct the position of the root of the teeth. Because of this combination, the root and the crown are realigned simultaneously.

As a result, the treatment can be completed in around 12 months. And in some select cases, patients have been known to receive the desired results in about 3 months. Both metal and ceramic brackets are available for this treatment.
Fastbraces are as safe as traditional braces. Also, patients experience less discomfort when wearing Fastbraces. And since the patient will be wearing the braces for less than a year, there is less risk of tooth decay due to poor oral hygiene.

Braces for Children

Misaligned teeth can hamper the confidence of children. Fortunately, the Fastbraces Technology allows them to receive the orthodontic treatment quickly and with minimal discomfort and pain.

Braces for Adults

Most adults are reluctant to wear braces because it affects their confidence level. Orthodontic treatment involving traditional braces may take about three years to complete. Many of them are even afraid of speaking during business meetings or going on a first date. Fastbraces Technology is the fastest and most affordable solution for them.
Braces America has several years of experience using Fastbraces Technology. Call us to schedule an appointment and to discover how we have teamed with Fastbraces to create that perfect smile that you will love.