Damon Braces

How Damon Braces Can Correct Your Smile Six Times Faster

Damon braces utilize a highly effective, low-friction mechanism that can correct your smile faster than conventional methods. Since the Damon system uses self-ligating braces, it doesn’t require metal and elastic ‘ties’. Therefore, it can move your teeth faster and more comfortably.

Why the Damon system is unique

Since part of the bracket in Damon system is made from a ceramic material, it doesn’t stain easily. Also, the high technology wires move teeth faster; hence fewer adjustments are required.

This is a proven treatment that usually corrects the position of teeth without extractions. Orthodontists use elastics to tie conventional braces. As a result, they cause pressure and friction. This makes the treatment slower and less comfortable. Damon braces have a special slide mechanism which reduces the pressure on the teeth and lets them comfortably move to their correct position.

Advantages of using Damon Clear Braces

These braces aren’t different than traditional Damon braces. They work without wires and have self-ligating archwires. But they are invisible, which makes users more comfortable about wearing them. Many users are reluctant to wear braces because the metal part is visible. Clear braces are the solution they need.


  • Since these braces are nearly invisible, they facilitate discreet treatment.
  • They can get the desired results faster
  • These braces can be worn constantly, so patients can achieve a straight smile in less time.
  • They do not normally require tooth removal to make space in case of teeth overcrowding.
  • They are small clear brackets bonded onto your teeth. The passive slide mechanism helps maintain the archwires within their bracket. This allows the wires to move freely with little friction. The braces do not have to be tightened.

Why you should choose Damon Braces?

  • Damon braces can successfully straighten teeth six times faster than traditional braces.
  • They provide precise results.
  • The treatment takes into account facial proportions so the teeth will be properly aligned to improve style.
  • They can be cleaned easily.

At Braces America, our orthodontists are experts in the application of Damon braces. Call us today to discover how this innovative technology can correct your smile and improve your confidence.