Lingual Braces Irvine

Lingual Braces Irvine

Lingual braces, also known as Incognito braces, offer you straighter teeth without anyone knowing you have braces. This is because lingual braces are attached to the backsides of your teeth, as opposed to the front.

For a flawless smile without any signs of braces, Braces America offers Lingual Braces in Irvine. Dr. Nader Dayani has successfully operated a private practice for over 25 years, expanding to 2 office locations to serve his patients in both Orange County and Los Angeles.

Pros and Cons To Lingual Braces

Your teeth face two opposite directions, out towards the world and also towards your tongue. By applying braces on the backside of your teeth, no one can see that you have braces but your teeth are still getting straighter.

At first lingual braces might feel odd in your mouth, but generally it only takes a few weeks to get used to wearing them. Lingual braces are similar to traditional braces in many ways, but because of their location they are 100% invisible.

Lingual braces do have a few drawbacks, for one they can be more difficult to clean. People mistakenly think you don’t have to clean the backs of your teeth, but this is a place you shouldn’t ignore because plaque does build up here. Just like front-facing braces, you must clean around the brackets and wires, although it can be a bit more of a challenge to clean around appliances on the backs of your teeth. Your orthodontist will give you special cleaning techniques to help.

Another challenge associated with lingual braces has to do with applying and tightening braces. Orthodontists virtually work upside down in order to properly get the job done. This means lingual braces can require extra time in the dentist chair.

Lingual braces are specially made for the back of each tooth in your mouth, enhancing comfort and efficiency, but also increasing overall cost. While most types of braces are rather comparable in price, lingual braces are one of the pricier options.

For many, the price and extra efforts spent cleaning are well worth the associated perks of lingual braces, such as being able to smile on camera or face-to-face without anyone knowing you are wearing braces.

Lingual Braces Irvine

Lingual Braces are a popular choice amongst celebrities, as well as everyday people. Incognito braces are ideal, especially if you work in an industry where your appearance is very important. Even if you work from home, or out of the public spotlight, it’s nice to achieve straighter teeth without feeling self-conscious every time you smile. Lingual braces allow you to privately straighten your teeth for a happy, healthy smile.

Are you interested in invisibly straightening your teeth with lingual braces? To find out more about your available options, give us a call today and schedule your free first-time consultation with Dr. Dayani. You can also stop by our convenient Irvine location in University Park Center, just off Culver Drive. We look forward to enhancing your smile and self-confidence.