Teen Invisalign

Invisalign Teen


Start smiling more! Invisalign Teen is the clear way to straighten teeth.

Invisalign Teen is a new product that can straighten Teen’s teeth without the hassle, discomfort, and embarrassment
of traditional braces. Your teen will receive a series of clear, virtually invisible aligners from orthodontist, approximately every six weeks.

It’s removable for good hygiene. You can brush and floss normally, which can help prevent tooth decay, gum disease and gingivitis.

our gum health may improve. Research has shown that periodontal tissue health mayimprove with use of Invisalign Teen aligners during your orthodontic treatment.

You can still eat when you want, whatever you want because aligners are removable. You can brush and floss normally, which can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.


Q.What is the difference between the adult Invisalign product and Invisalign Teen product?
A: Although many of the benefits are the same, Invisalign teen is differentiated by three new features that were designed specifically for a new patient with the needs or the type of dentition commonly found in the teen age-group.

Q.How much time does every Teen will spend at the orthodontist’s office?
A:Invisalign Teen requires very little manipulation or maintenance by the doctor in order to be effective, so your child will spend limited time visiting their orthodontist.After the initial appointment, follow-up appointments are usually scheduled every six weeks to check on progress and to provide your child with their next three sets of aligners.

Q: Is Invisalign Teen as effective as traditional braces?
A: In the hands of a skilled practitioner and when worn per your doctor’s recommendation, Invisalign Teen can be as effective as traditional braces for many types of treatment.

Q:What are some other advantages of Invisalign Teen over traditional braces?
A:In addition to keeping clean mouth, an active lifestyle is made simpler when wearing Invisalign as opposed to the fixed wire and brackets. Since the device is removable, it’s easy for the Teen to play sports or an instrument as any teenager would – even one who is not in orthodontic treatment.

Q:If the child is 18 years old, do they use Invisalign Teen or Invisalign?
A:Ask your orthodontist when deciding between the two options.Although the patient may be a suitable candidate for the Invisalign full product, they may benefit from some of the new features that Invisalign Teen system offers.

Q:How will I know how often the Aligners are worn ?
A:The compliance indicators located on the upper aligner can estimate the approximate amount of time every Teen spends wearing the product.The indicators are designed to fade from blue to clear as a gauge of approximate wear time, so you can ensure your child’s compliance easily.

Q: What happens if the Teen does not wear the aligners for the recommended amount of time?
A: Invisalign teen is most effective when worn per orthodontist’s recommendation.Overall, we find aligners are most effective if worn 20 to 22 hours – and removed only for eating, brushing, and flossing. However, it is not detrimental to the alignment process if your child goes without wearing aligners for short periods of time once in a while.

Q: What happens if the Teen loses one or both of their aligners
A: In the event that an aligner is lost or broken, patient should inform the orthodontist right away.They will be probably advised to start wearing their last set or next set of aligners immediately.The orthodontist will order replacement for the ones that were lost.In most cases the replacement aligners should arrive in a few days.